To Nicoletta

Thanks for your comment!
If you send me an e- mail so i can get your adress on:
and i will get in contact with you. Its always fun to get in contact with brothers and sisters from Kry`s family.
You asked me about Kry and i`ll try to tell a little about her.
When i looked for my second dog, i know i wanted a dog with great motor and lots of speed and passion for playing. And i really found her!
She has a lot of energy, she loves to play but i have worked really hard to get her to play with me now matter whats happening around us. Because she is also very easy to distract, our biggest challenge so far is mye children playing and running around.
We have comed a long way, taking a lot of hard work. Have you ever heard of Susan Garrett? If not i really recommend her books an videos, it has helped us a lot.

Kry loves to play and to eat, i think she was the biggest puppy of them all and luckily she kept the desire to eat. She has a lot of speed and a lot of temperament and i think if i just can chanalise this i will get a top class dog. She is very sweet with the children and other dogs, but she is not a lap dog who loves to cuddle, she wants action.

On the other hand there is very little sound in her, she never barks and she is easy to leave home alone. Even if she has some focus problems i love working with her, i think she challenge me and makes me a better trainer.
If you look on this link there is a photo of Kry and Samjirs brother kokos, look for the text under the pictures with his name.


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  1. Posted by Lone on 25/09/2008 at 20:30

    Du er nominert! Sjekk bloggen min for detaljer.


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